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The birthmark summary

Nathaniel Hawthornes
"The birthmark"{1834}

Aylmer is a late eighteenth century researcher who is absolutely and totally dedicated to his work. His whole life has been tied in with making sense of the way that nature works, to the impediment of his own and social life. In any case, just as of late, he has put down his test tubes sufficiently long to wed a delightful lady, Georgiana. 

Presently, Georgiana is unmistakable in that she has a little red skin pigmentation on her cheek in the state of a modest hand. Most men who sought after her found the skin pigmentation alluring; some catty ladies said that it fouled up a generally culminate confront. Georgiana has constantly loved it, until the point that Aylmer raises the theme one day not long after their marriage. He doesn't care for the skin coloration; he supposes Georgiana would be immaculate in the event that it were evacuated. 

Georgiana falls totally to pieces. Since Aylmer thinks the skin pigmentation is terrible, she now thinks herself revolting, and the two accomplices turn out to be progressively troubled in their marriage. In Aylmer's psyche, the pigmentation turns into the image of human flaw. Some time later, Aylmer tells his better half of a fantasy he had, in which he endeavored to surgically evacuate the skin coloration. The more profound he cut, he clarifies, the more profound the skin pigmentation went, until the point when it was a piece of Georgiana's exceptionally heart. In the fantasy, he needed to continue slicing through her heart to get it out. 

Georgiana is so steamed at this fantasy she advises Aylmer to make sense of an approach to dispose of the skin coloration. Aylmer has just been chipping away at such an arrangement. He takes Georgiana into his research facility, where he has set up an extraordinary space for her to hang out while he devises a mixture with which to evacuate the skin coloration. In the research center we meet Aminadab, Aylmer's colleague, who is stocky and natural rather than the otherworldly and elevated Aylmer. 

At the point when the mixture is at long last prepared, Aylmer conveys it to his significant other, who drinks it and nods off. Beyond any doubt enough, the skin coloration blurs completely from her face. Aminadab snickers at the result rather obscurely. Tragically, Georgiana awakens, she discloses to Aylmer that she is kicking the bucket. At that point, as we may expect, she passes on. Aminadab giggles once more, which we need to state is somewhat untactful. The storyteller at that point assumes control for the conclusion to reveal to us that Georgiana couldn't live as an immaculate being, since people are fundamentally blemished. Additionally, he says, Aylmer is somewhat of an imbecile for discarding something worth being thankful for (something worth being thankful for being the lovely lady who is presently perfect,but likewise is dead).
القصه حصلت ف الage of science يعني العصر ال اصبح فيه العلم شئ مقدس وليس الدين 
أبرز شخصيه ف القصه هو Aylmer.. عالم متميز مؤمن جدا بعلمه وبيحاول دايما يتحدي الطبيعه من خلال علمه
ايلمر تزوج من امرأة جميلة جدا اسمها Goergiana كانت مميزة بوحمه حمراء صغيره ف خدها معظم الناس كانت شايفه ال birthmark دي مظهر جذاب جدا الا ان ال birthmark كان شئ بيسبب لزوجها الخوف وشايف انها رمز للموت والفناء ال بينتظر كل كائن حي 
ف يوم ايلمرحلم انه عمل خططه وأزال الوحمه من خد جورجيانا فأخبرها بالحلم وكانت قلقه جدا بشأن هذا الحلم ووافقت انها هتزيل ال birthmark 
ايلمر كان يسعى دايما للكمال
and he wants to creat s.th perfect 
وبسبب غروره وثقته بنفسه الزياده وقدرته كعالم قرر إزالة الوحمه من خد زوجته ومن وجهة نظره هو بكده هيتحدى الطبيعه واراده ربنا اللي خلق الكائنات الحية غير كامله مماأدي بالنهاية لوفاة زوجته
Aylmer ده بقي ايه قصته هو عالم كيميائي شاطر شويه وشايف أنه يقدر يعمل المستحيل والمعجزات شايف أنه يقدر حتي يتدخل في أمور الطبيعه Georgiana مرات Aylmer بتحبه جدا وبتقدره وبتحترمه كما لو كان سيدها ؛مالها بقي الأخت دي كان في علامه علي خدودها مولوده بيها يعني نقدر نقول (وحمه) the Birth mark .الرجاله كلها شايفه ان العلامه دي هي مظهر للجمال عندها شايفين الست دي جميله جدا بالعلامه دي كلهم كانو بيلفو حواليها علشان ينالو الرضا إلا ....زوجها شايفها بالعلامه دي كأنها سواد قدامه شايف ان مراته هتبقي احلي بكتير من غير العلامه دي الراجل ده عايز يوصل لصورة الكمال والي شايف أنه مش هيتحقق في مراته إلا لو زالت العلامه دي . الراجل ده صارح مراته بالحقيقة وقالها انتي لازم تشيلي العلامه .هي زعلت في الأول بس طبعا بتحب زوجها وعايزة تنقذ زواجها من أنه يدمر في حالة اذا رفضت أنها تزيل العلامه ..بالفعل جه اليوم اللي Aylmer حضّرفيه السائل اللي هي هتشربه وده سائل طبي اسمه إكسير elixir (ده سائل شايفين أنه بطول الحياه ويزيد من عمر الإنسان ) وطبعا بمساعدة الشخصيه التالته Aminadab :مساعد Aylmer في المعمل .شربت Georgiana السائل وقبل ما السائل ينجح فعلا وتختفي العلامه ماتت Georgiana .طبعا سيادته كان عايز الكمال ..حصل عليه فعلا وبالمقابل ماتت Georgiana .

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May Ahmed


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