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ملخص محاضرات الاسبوع الاول
الفرقه الثالثه قسم اللغه الانجليزيه الفصل الدراسى الاول

المحاضره الاولى
#لاتينى د/ ابراهيم السايح
Amar - Amabor - Amabar
Amaris - Amaberis - Amabaris
Amatur - Amabitur - Amabatur
Amanini - Amabimini - Amabamini
Amatur - Amabuntur - Amabantur
Perfect Tenses
verb to be (esse) + past participle
Amatus est = He is loved.
Amata est = she is loved.
Change into passive.
1-Give me a book.
2-Do this now !
3-Come to play with us.
4-Did you go home ?
5-Can she be here again ?
بعض الابناء لا يحبون آباءهم
لم آقرآ هذا الكتاب بعد
هل شاهدت هذه المسرحيه ؟
كيف حققت كل هذا النجاح
التلاميذ رفضو طاعه الاوامر
قالت ان هيبقى فى درجات اعمال سنه هيتم خصمها على سلوك الطالب
طلبت ترجمه اول صفحه فى الكتاب ووضعها فى ملف على ان يتم المحافظه عليه لاخر الترم
د/محمد بهاء اتكلم عن الاحداث والشخصيات الموجوده
Othello – General in the Venetian military
Desdemona – Othello's wife; daughter of Brabantio
Iago – Othello's trusted, but jealous and traitorous ensign
Cassio – Othello's loyal and most beloved captain
Bianca – Cassio's lover
Emilia – Iago's wife and Desdemona's maidservant
Brabantio – Venetian senator and Desdemona's father (can also be called Brabanzio)
Roderigo – dissolute Venetian, in love with Desdemona
وطلب سؤال
How does iago destroy othello and cassio ?
د/محمد عبد الحليم
لم يحضر حتى الان
#ادب امريكى
تم شرح اول شبترين
وطلبت تحضير
Chapter 3
The Rise of Nation literature
Page 12 to 17
Chapter 4
The Romantic period (1820-1860)
Page 18 to 26
#علم الاساليب
اتكلم شويه عن اى هرى وخلاص والغش وخلافه
وبعد كده بدأ يتكلم فى بعض الكلمات وطلب قراءه صفحه 11 ومعرفه الكلمات الصعبه وتجميعها فى ملف
واحضار الكتاب فى المحاضره القادمه
ملخص محاضرات الاسبوع الثانى
الفرقه الثالثه قسم اللغه الانجليزيه الفصل الدراسى الاول
د/ ابراهيم السايح
كيفيه تحويل الامر الى مبنى للمجهول
1- نبدأ ب Let
2- نضع المفعول بعدها مباشره
3- نضع v to be
4- نضع اسم المفعول past participle
Give me this ==== Let this be given to me
1- Participle is a verbal adjective.
2- participle in english are based on the two tenses: present ,past
I do this.
I فاعل do فعل this مفعول
I had done this. ===== I had this done.
Present==== stem+ing
past ==== various forms
most of them
are the same
are the past simple
Present ====== stem+ant
past ====== 1st & 2nd conj. by removing the last letter of the inf 3rd irregular
اسم الفاعل
اسم المفعول
3-uses of participles
-adjective (epithet of attribute)
-complex tenses
-to replace subordinate verbs
1-The defeated army began to turn
2- -9 have seen him
-9 had seen him
-9 shall have seen him
3- Having done this, he became happy.
After he had done this -----
Adjective are either epithet or attribute.
.This is the #beautif girl.
.This girl is #beautiful.
4 درجات اعمال سنه مقابل
Write a paragraph in Arabic on your own birth-place without using in verb.
اكتب برجراف عن مكان مولدك بدون استخدام اى افعال فى صفحه واحده
1- Aprَes quiَ la vu la femme, il etait trَes heureux.
2- After the war had been announced, the general attacked at once.
3- If you do your duty, you will win.
4- Nous avons lu la leçon qui était facile.
1-Je suis un #officier, Je suis #Egyption.
2-Did You #See The Team which #lost the game ?
3-The #occuried city began to #liberate itself.
#حول الافعال الى اسم فاعل او اسم مفعول
رأيت الرجال يقومون الليل ويعملون فى النهار
الناس نائمون والفنانون مازالو ماهرين حتى بعد الفجر
د/محمد حسين
ما هو الاسلوب ؟
مقاله فى 4 صفحات
د/ محمد عبد الهادى
linguistics is the #scientific study language.
facts information
no person opinion
Branch Linguistics
Socialinguistics that discuss the relationship
1- Adistincive variety
2- indentified by certain words and grammatical structure.
3- diffrent pronounciation.
4- used by a social group.
Reginal dialects
They tell when a poem comes from class
social dialects.
They tell which social class
If you change your dialects.
1- you will make mistake .
2- Joke people will laugh you.
1- Asituation
2- you have two diffrent variety LL .Study socail.
3- each then social function.
4- one is high one is low.
Cairo جنيه
Alex جنى
Upper Egypt دنيه
Abo kbir واحد جنيه
class /socail dialects
They tell which social class
بابا / ماما
داد دادى / مامى
آبا ابويه آبه الحج
مش هروح
What's linguistics ?
Discuss social linguistic with diffrent between dialects and diglosia ?
د/ اسماء منصور
Chapter 2
The American enlightenment
1- The writers of the 18th American were done by the men who led the revolution of 1775 – 1785.
2- The period just before the start of the revolution saw a flood of political journalism -- > Thomas Paine.
3- Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson wrote for the American cause of independence.
4- Poetry had a political purpose.
5- There were few attempts to write poetry and drama.
• The hard – fought American Revolution against Britain and important effects on writing the triumph of American independence seemed to many a divine sign that America and her people were destined for greatness. Yet, with the exception of outstanding political writing, few works of note appeared.
تم شرح
Chapter 3
Fiction during the Enlightenment
Chapter 4
The Romantic Period
The Transcendentalists Movement was a reaction against 18 Th century rationalism.The movement Was based on a belief in the unity of the world and god.
Transcendentalists Believed instinctive feelings rather than the conscious reasoning.
Imagination and intuition are stronger than the senses.
د/ مروه
&Lagging behind
Word into phrase
طلاق بناء على رغبه الزوجه
Divorse at instance of the wife against a compensation.
مأذون , مولد
فى اخر الكتاب
نكر الاختلاف
اشاعه ثقافه
I have a dream
11-10-2017 الاربعاء
ملخص محاضرات الاسبوع الثالث
الفرقه الثالثه قسم اللغه الانجليزيه الفصل الدراسى الاول
د/ اسماء منصور
تم شرح
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
The Rise of Realism
1- The U.S civil war between the industrial northand the agricultural slave owning south was a watershed in american history.
2-Before the war, idealists championed human rights,especialy the aboliton of slavery, after the war americans idealized progress and the self-made man.
3-Business flourished after the war.
4-The enormous national resourses of american land benifitted business.
5-In 1860, Most Americans lived on farms or in small villages, but by 1919 half of the populution was concentrated in 12 cities.
6-Problems of industrialization and urbanization appeared poor and over crowded housing, low pay and difficult working condition.
7-American novels of the period dipict the damage of economic forces and alienation.
Realism == Page.34
According to the realist an artist should concern himself with everyday events,with one's poloitical and social movements of one's time.It is the authentic portrayal of life.
The Pioneering figure of realism.
Business undermined men morally.
Free characters helpless.
Naturalism :It developed on depiciting the social environment and the deficiencies of human beings Naturalists exposed social problems they were ifluenced by the idea that individuals are helpless when facing the economic and social forces.
د/محمد حسين
اعمال سنه
What is stylistics ?
What is a use of language ?
Write a short essay on litrature and style.
What is the diffrent between the language and everyday language ?
د/ ابراهيم السايح
اعمال سنه
1-Write an essay in arabic on your own friends without using verbal mood.
2-Translate it into English
3-Comment on your English Translation.
[Indicative-Subjunctive-Imperative]-[Participle-Infinitive -Gerund]
تم شرح
Uses of participle:-
2-Replaces a subordinate verb.
3-Replaces a verb in a compond sentences.
Latin Participle is inflexional in: Gender-Number-Case
1-The beloved girl is a roman.
Amata puella est romana
2-After the city had been stormed, we took it.
urbem expugnatam cepimus.
حذف الكلمات الملونه
3-#I saw #the soldiers #while #they #were attacing #the camp.
Milites castra pugnantes vidi.
حذف الكلمات الملونه
I saw the soldiers #while #they #were #about #to attack.
Militess oppugnaturos vidi.
Change into simple.
1-Ubi caesar superavit,terram hostium ceperat.
2-Pueros in agris vidi ubi rosas puellis dabant.
3-Roma socios oppugnavit postquam civis romanos caverunt.
5-Labieno consula,hostes omnes milites nautas que necaverunt.
Change into simple and then translate intop latin
1-Did you fight the slaves when they were about to praise the general ?
2-The girl whom everyone loves doesn't love them all.
3-Before the war had been announced the consuls announced peace.
Ablative Absolute
When the subject or the object of the subordinate clause have no grammatical relation with the main, the verb and the subject of the subordinate are put in the ablative.
After the camp had been captured, allies began to turn tail.
Castris captis,socii terga dabant.
-The enemy,having fled,we were victorious.
1-Signo dato,Milites hostes pugnaverunt.
2-Duce interfecto,socii terram romae occupaverant
3-Omnibus urbem oppugnantibus,exercitus romanorum ad regem venit.
4-Pace violata,omnes aves arma capere voluerunt.
د/ مروه
Context-free & Context-bound words
Translate the underlined words paying in mind that their meaning is determined by the context in which they appear:
1-I put a hat on my #head.
2-I made up my #head and decided to emigrate to canada.
حسمت امرى
3-I asked the #head of the department to give me a month leave.
1-#Examination of criminals.
2-#Examination of students.
3-The doctor #examines the patient.
1-#Achievement of students/
تحصيل الطلاب
#achievement test.
1-#Appereciation of the work of naguib mahfouz
2-#Appereciation of U.S dollars.
ارتفاع قيمه
1-The knigt #mounted the horse.
2-The police #mounted the sentinels around the palace.
3-the queen #mounted the throne.
اعتلت العرش
1-#Foul water
مياه ملوثه
2-#Foul means
وسيله مشروعه
3-#Foul weather
طقس سئ
4-#Foul chimney
مدخنه مسدوده
5-#Foul Smell
رائحه كريهه
6-#Foul language
لغه بذيئه
7-ذهبت #لأداره المرور لأستخراج رخصه قيادة
أداره المرور فى رمضان صعبة
I want to the d.m.v to get adriving licences manage traffic in ramadan is difficult.
election: انتخابات
Referendum: استفتاء
By elections: انتخابات فرعيه
General elections :انتخابات عامه
To vote down : يصوت ضد
Premature elections: انتخابات مبكره
(Snap elections) : انتخابات مفاجئه
Electorate : جمهور الناخبين
Polling stations : مراكز الاقتراع
Ballot box :صندوق اقتراع
Valid vote : صوت صحيح
Invalid vote : صوت باطل
Abstain : يقاطع
Massive turnout : اقبال هائل
Poor turnout : اقبال ضعيف
Election theme : موضوع انتخابى
Election campaign : حمله انتخابيه
Campaign promises : وعود
Candidate : مرشح
Constituency : دائره
To be unopposed : يفوز بالتذكيه
Vote counting :عدد الاصوات
(Sorting out of votes) :فرز الاصوات
Early results : نتائج مبكره
Final results نتائج نهائيه
Rigged elections :مزوره
Majority : اغلبيه
Absolute majority : اغلبيه مطلقه
Thin majority : اغلبيه ضئيله
Overwhelming majority : اغلبيه ساحقه
Humiliating defeat : هزيمه مغزيه
Crushing defeat : هزيمه ساحقه
Page. 84
ملخص محاضرات الاسبوع الرابع
د/ ابراهيم السايح
Change into simple:-
1-Although he is a theif, she loves him.
2-If you do all of this, you will surely win.
3-We saw the children, while they were playing a football game.
4-Did you read the lesson which the teacher had already explained ?
5-Had the allies defended rome after the pensians had stormed the camp ?
Change into Complex:-
1-The Peace having been announced,the army becam idle.
2-In spite of his full ignorance,he became so famous.
3-By killing such criminals,you can seek security.
4-This is the maiden loved by all the men of the town.
5-An elided paragraph will lead you to a wrong answer.
Give examples of your own to show the use of the ablative:
Absoloute in:[English-Arabic-French]
امثله من عند حضرتك للجمله المعلقه فى العربى والانجليزى والفرنسى
Impersonal Moods
ان الله يحب اذا عمل احدكم #عملا ان #يتقنه
قام رجال مجهولون بالاستيلاء على خزانه البنك
متى كان القادم افضل ؟ وهل الحاضر لا يروقك الا مجبرا ؟
مطلوب لاعبون لفريق صاعد حديثا للدورى الممتاز.
ان شئت اداء هذه المباراه عليك ان تكون لائقا تماما
1-Give the impersonal moods in these clauses.
2-Parse the underlined.
3-Written translation into english.
Impersonal Moods
1-Playing is much better than eating.
2-Giving others helps to be a human being.
3-Going home in the evening and coming back in the morning is the life of yours.
4-By doing this you win,and by doing and thinking you will be the only winner.
5-She loves loving others,but she loves no one of those,by loving she makes her life warmer.
Comment on the impersonal moods.
د/ محمد بهاء
P.30 to P.33
Act 1 Scene 1
Othello the moor of venice
د/ محمد عبد الهادى
1-Morphology is the study of words-structure naturalization
البنيه الداخليه للكلمه
2-It is the study of the internal structure of words.
Ex[Natur - al - iz - ation]
3-The smallest unit in morphology is the morpheme.
4-A morpheme can have a meaning or a grammatical function.
Ex:-Nature-al---Has no meaning
A grammatical function
5-Morphemes can be---Lexical
That have a meaning
Ex:Man /boy/ Nature
They have no full meaning
If they have a full meaning
That don't have full meaning grammatical morphemes
5-Morpheme can be[derivational
derivational --- nature-natural
naturalizate تشتق كلمات جديده
Inflextional ---cat=cats
Naturalization تطبيع العلاقات
6-Allomophes-----Actual phonological realization of morphemes.
cats koets
dogs dog
Natur al iz ation
4 Morphemes
Word Formation Processes
1-It is one of the least common processes of word formation
2-It is invention of totally words.
3-These words are mostly trade names.
4-Example nylon-aspirn-xerox
1-It is the most common processes.
2-It is the talking one of words from other language.
Piano-------->is an italian word
ادب امريكى
د/ اسماء منصور
Nathaniel Hawthornes
"The birthmark"{1834}
1-The setting:Aylmer's laboratory in the late 1700s.
2-The main characters:Aylmer,Georgiana,and aminadab.
3-The short story is a response to the movement of positivism,or the idea that everything we can learn about the world must be learned through formal,physical,scientific inquiry.
4-point of view:third person {omniscient},he has access both aylmer and georgiana's thoughts.
5-Major themes:-
1-The foolishness of striving for perfection.
2-Science versus nature.
3-The impossibility of perfection.
موجود ورق فى مكتبه الزهراء امام كليه الطب هيساعد
علم الاساليب
د/ محمد غريب
P.15 to P.25
Shakespeare's vocabulary
مطلوب اعمال سنه
اعمال سنه
What is stylistics ?
What is a use of language ?
Write a short essay on litrature and style.
What is the difference between the language and everyday language ?
د/ مروة رمضان
I-Show how the repeated word in the following exambles are rendered differently in arabic/English:
1-Give a jop يمنح وظيفه
2-Give a laughter يطلق ضحكه
3-Give a lecture يلقى محاضره
4-Give an opinion يدلى برأيه
1-Lay the lame on يلقى اللوم على
2-Lay taxes يفرض ضرائب
3-Lay the table for dinner يعد المائده للعشاء
1-High crimes جرائم بشعه
2-High wind رياح عاتيه
3-High sea بحر هائج
1-hot weather طقس حار
2-hot scandal فضيحه
3-hot jewels مجوهرات مسروقه حديثه
1-net weight الوزن الصافى
2-net result النتيجه النهائيه
اخذ مأخد فلان Follow once example
أخذ مجراه take it's course
اخذ رأيه consult him
اخذ بيده support him
حى شعبى tradditionak neighbour roads
مغنى شعبى folk singer
رقص شعبى folk dance
مجالس شعبيه people's assemples
مشاركه شعبيه
Community participation
مركز البوليس police station
مركز الداء seat of the disease
مركز صحى health centre
مركز تجميل peuty centre
مركز نيابى parinaitry seat
دار الاثار musem
دار البريد post office
دار القضاء courts
دار القضاء العالى the supreame courts
المحكمه الدستوريه العليا the consitutional courts
دار الايتام orphenage
دار المسنين elderly home care
دار الدفاع الجوى air defense house
اعمال سنه
ابو القاسم الشامى
سأعيش رغم الدائى والاعدائى*كم مصرى فوق القمه الشماء
لا المح الظل الكئيب*ولا ارى ما فى قرار الهوة السوداء
ارنو الى الشمس المضيئه هازئا *بالسحب والامطار والانواء
وأعيش فى دنيا المشاعر حالما غربا*وتلك طبيعه الشعراء
وبحب الناس الرايقه اللى بتضحك علطول اما العالم المضايقه انا لا ماليش فى دول
ملخص محاضرات الاسبوع الخامس
محاضره مسجله
محاضره مسجله
حل الصفجتين
فى صفحه
وتكتب عليها اسمك وتسلمها
ل احمد السيد يوم الاحد
ادب امريكى
Uncle tom's cabin
Setting:The early 1850s in kentucky and houisiana.
Main character:Uncle tom, arthur shellby, st.clare, Era, Eliza and her son Harry, simon legree.
Major theme:
1-The Evils of slavery the work was written after the passage of the fugitive slive act of 1850, which made it illegal for anyone to offer assistance to a run away slave.
The Novel seeks to attack it.
For most of the question of slavery in a fairly mild setting except in the final third of the play.
The second theme
2-The compatibility of slavery and christian values.
3-The moral power of women.
3 Tragedies
1-Uncle tom
2-Eliza and George
Shellby code of honer is a realistic one tom's code of honer is an ideilistic one humanizes black.
The writer is humanizing black to the excess.
The writer emphesies the religiousness of tom.
Page 73 Theme of the evils of slavety.
The writer wants to arouse our sympathy to eliza:plight that she put her in this difficult situation.
Page 78
حل الشيت
صفحه 173 ,174 ,176
محاضرات مسجله
علم اساليب
محاضره مسجله
محاضره مسجله
Maniculate--->التلاعب بالدين
Reshaped--->يعاد تكوينه
محاضره مسجله
ملخص محاضرات الاسبوع السادس
تم الانتهاء من ماده الادب الامريكى
امتحان انتظام يوم 6-11-2017
امتحان انتساب يوم 13-11-2017
Page 53 to 59
1-The rise and full of voice level in pronounciation.
2-Away of saying sentence.
3-The musical orclstration of segmental and supra segmental phoneme.
I can say sentence in seven way
Ups and down
Word can be classified into two groups:-
1-Content word
2-Function word
The following Symbols are used to describe the pronunciation of the sentence:
in intonation
______________ Hlv:- Highest level voice
______________ Llv:-Longest level voice
Large(.)Content word
Small(.)Function word / unstressed syllable.
Large(,) Extra stress
\> Falling tune.
/< Rising tune.
/ Stressed syllables
X Unstressed syllables.
He is a very good teacher.
The words 'He' 'good' 'teacher'
are content words
Because they carry meaning.They normally carry stress.
The words 'is,' 'a' and 'very' are function words.
They do not carry much meaning but they make the sentence grammatically correct.
They do not normally carry stress.
The normal pronunciation of sentence looks like this:
L. ... L. L. L. .\>
The Age Of Johnson
مهم جدا
Prose fiction in England before Richardson.
السطر الثالث
Which we now call the novel
السطر الرابع من الاخر
The age of johnson, and may indeed be accounted the greatest achievement of that age.
It may also be fairly contended that it was with Richardson that prose fiction passed definitely into its modern form.We will here, therefore, take his work as a fresh point of departure, But a rapid survey of the evolution of english fiction before his time is neccessary, in order that we may place him in his proper historical position.
البراجراف التانى
السطر الرابع
in the drama.------ romantic
السطر الخامس
lodge, and Greene; or didactic
السطر الحادى عشر
where for the moment it was immensely popular
السطر الخامس
Despite all superficial similarities, was to be essentially unlike any of its previous varieties; among them, as we have noted, the work of the character-writers, and,much more important, of Addison and steele in the periodical essay.
السطر التاسع
bunyan's marvellously
السطر الثالث عشر
over from historical into fictitious narrative
السطر الخامس من تحت
Of which should depend upon the doings of ordinary people in a familiar setting.
السطر العاشر من تحت
But recognition of the qualities of defoe's art will at least help to bring the peculiar character of richard-son's work into relief
The Novel
Historical Significance of the Novel.
السطر الخامس
In the first place, the popularity of the novel, like that of the periodical essay which immediatly preceded it, considered with and very largely depended upon, the growth of a miscellaneous reading public, and of a public in which women were becoming increasingly numerous and influential.
Secondly, as practically a new form of literary art, the novel was a sign that literature was beginning to outgrow the cramping limitations of classicism and to abandon the doctrine that modern genius was bound to go in the leading-strings of tradition.
Thirdly,The rise of the novel was one result of the democratic movement in eighteenth century England.
Romantic conventions in this as in all other respects, still, as we have said, held aloof from the ordinary social world, merely subsituting adventurers and criminals for princes and Arcadian shepherds.
The comprehensiveness of the novel,its free treatment of the characters and doings of all sorts and conditions of men, and especially its sympathetic handling of middle-class and low life, are unmistakable evidences of its democratic quality.
السطر الاخير
Consequent growth of commerce and industry, the prestige of the old feudal
nobility was on the wane,and the middle classes were increasing steadily in social and political power.
هتكملو من صفحه 78 ل صفحه 90
ادب امريكى
Scene 2
*Uncle Tom tries to convert st.claire to christionity.
We can feel Tom's christian belief contradicting wire sant claire disbelieve
The witer here wants to humanze blacks.
Tom felt him in my soul,mester'
To say that they are more sensetive more them some of the white.
-Here we have the theme of incompetability of slavery.
and christian values.
-Tom's belief gives him hope although he is a slave.
Tom prefers to poor and free rather than being a slave.
Topsy--> doesn't understand the meaning of liberty
Topsy:My liberty
Ophelia--->becomes more to lerant and them.fum/true christian.
Scene 4
Slaves are human being who can affect people
Topsy was the main factor that
changed opheliato a tolerand white person.
she is no longer racist.
144-Legree is one of the eviy of slavery
legree called tom a beast/cattle
Cassy---> you see you don't know.
This quotation, describes the bardaric and hersh slavery setting
*good mastevs--> Mid-slavery st.clare
hersh mostevs--> hersh-slavery-> legree
P.169 Legree
-Tom explains that his own troubles will soon end.
But the damage legree to his own soul / will lead to etevral damination
-This quotation reveals the extent of Tom's piety.
Although he is threatened with pain and death,Tom's thought is for his oppressor's soul.Here tom embodies
the true nature of christian forgiveness.
الدكتوره قالت الامتحان مش هيخرج عن الكوتيشنات اللى حددتها معانا
وقالت انها عايز ال main point يعنى مش كتير زى اخر الترم
علم اساليب
حل الشيت الاول
Answer the following:
1-Give a short definition of 'stylistics'
2-Write a summary of chapter 1.
Latin Gerund
ending:2nd dec.neuter
Loving roses is a good halut
rosas est bonum
يمكن استخدام المصدر بدلا من ال
P.111 مقرره
p.119 السطر الرابع فقط
P.136 مقرره
p.137 مقرره
Latin Gerund
Uses of the gerund
Inf.--- Nominative:Pugnantum est bonum.
Inf.---Accusative: se parat and pugnandum.
He prepares himself for fighting.
Genitive:cupidus est pugnandi.
He is desirous of fighting.
dative:pugnando paramus.
We prepare for fighting.
ablative:pugnando ubem cepimus.
We took the city by fighting.
The girl who must be loved.
Gerundive attraction
e -a-um
i -ae-i
o -ae-o
o -ae-o
The soldier must be killed.
miles necandus est.
(Passive form of the gerund)
The general is desirous of ruling the city.
=Dux cupidus est regendi urbem.
=Dux cupidus est regendae urbis.
مطلوب حل فى الكراسه السؤال ده بس
Use the gerund in 5 sentence of your own in:
الحل من الرابط التالى:-
Which subject is true and which is grammatical ?
1- اعجبتنى هذه المدينه
2-يدهشنى اقبالكم على الحياه
3-هل تمكنت من مطارده المجرمين
4-ارنى ماذا فعلت فى المدرسه اليوم
5-كيف راقك مثل هذا الكتاب
اعمال سنه على الحضور ابتداءا من الاسبوع القادم
وسيتم تسجيل الاسماء فى كل محاصره.
Translate into latin
1-Rome must be stormed.
2-For winning the battle, you must have many arms.
3-By preparing corn, you can defend yourselfes.
4-you are desirous of taking the land,aren't you ?
5-working is praying, do every thing for working.
ملخص محاضرات الاسبوع السابع
الاربعاء 8-11-2017
مراجعه حضاره
مطلوب حل السؤالين دول
Discuss the various elements through which the novel would undergo and signify the historical significance of the novel ,compare and contrast both Richardson and fielding with reference to Gothism discussing its illustrious importance to the development of the novel .
Discuss the importance of love of nature in the 19th century.
الكتاب نزل فى المكتبه متوفر الان فى مكتبه مترو
بعد الانتهاء من المشاوره تم الاتفاق على ان يكون االامتحان الكترونيا
Supine is:
1-Verbal adj
2-Verbal noun
Participle is:
1-Finite verb
2-non-finite verb
(I shall come)
1-Indicative verb
2-Imperative verb
3-Subjunctive verb
4-Subordinate verb
(Se) is:
1-3d person sing fem.
2-3rd person plural masc.
3-2nd person plural.
4-Demonstrative pronoun.
Subjunctive mood
*Final Clause
جمله الغرض
Introduced by 4 Subjunctive :
1-So That
2-In order that
4-In order to
Subordinate verb:
He cames so that he may be an officer.
He comes to be an officer.
He comes so that he be an officer.
Introduced by 2 Subjunctive:
Pour que
Subordinate verb:
Il vient pour #etre un officier.
Il vient #pour_qu il #soit un officier.
Introduced by 4 Subjunctive:
ل / لكى / حتى / كى
verb in subjunctive
(Accusative case instead of the nominative)
حضر لكى يصبحْ ضابطاَ
حضر حتى يكون ضابطاَ
حضر ليكون ضابطاَ
1-Ut+subjunctive mood
2-Qui+Subjunctive mood
3-Motion+accusative supine
-He came to announce peace.
=Peace nuntiatum venit
-He sent soldiers to announce peace.
=Milites qui pacem nuntiarent misir
He prepared arms to attack the camp
=Arma paravit ut castra oppugnarer
He prepared arms so that the enemy might not attack.
=Arma paravit ne hostes oppugnarent.
Translate into English
1-ذهبت الى الاسكندريه لشده الحر فى هذه القريه
2-ذهبت الى الاسكندريه لقضاء شهور الصيف
3-لجأ اللص الى الشرطه فى الهروب من المجنى عليه
4-لجأ اللص الى الشرطى لكثره من كانو يطاردونه
5-السعى للصوم افضل من النوم
Translate into latin:
1-She has gone to see you.
2-Ils sont venus pour le voir.
3-They sent officers to storm the camp.
4-She had prepared everything least the enemy should kill her,hadn't she ?
5-Who is the one you sent to give us money ?
6-On fera une guerre pour qu il soit un voi ?
تم الاتفاق على ان يكون الامتحان الكترونيا
مطلوب حل باقى الشيت
حل السؤال الثانى فى الشيت صفحه 2
Write a short essay on the special language of literature.
=> Literature is a special language that has many features that
distinguish it from the ordinary language.
The First is that the work of literature is not only an imaginative representation of life. It is also a linguistic structure offering itself in terms of verbal selection and ordering.It does not like referential writing that conveys facts and ideas with the minimum possible distortion of the reality from which they spring.Whatever truths literature may yield.
its assessment is never based on whether it is "true" or "false" as a statement about things as they are.
The second is that literary language does not make assertions which the reader can go to verify or disprove on any evidence outside the work. Yet it is in touch with the reader's experince, when it goes beyond familiar usage, it is still our knowledge of the common core of language which allows us to judge whether the strager is artistically suvvessful. The language is used to convey an imaginative creation; the writer is answerable for the integrity of his linguistic choice, not for the accuracy of his information.
The third is the concentration of certain features which are rare of unnoticed in ordinary speech is a characteristic of literature such concentration is an aspect of what is known as foregrounding.The term foregrounding derives form visual art; the painter can bring something into prominence by setting it in the foreground of his picture and thus by the laws of perspective making it dominate the whole.
Foregrounding is achieved by some degree of deviation from the normal use of language. Our knowledge of how English normally works allows us to make quantitative judgement of how far the deviation has gone.
Literature is founded on a blend of the normally acceptable use of language with the deviant. If the deviation is too extreme and loses contact with the reader. the writer may have failed in that instance. It is wish, however, not to give up as soon as the ground becomes unfamiliar, but it is neccessary to follow the writer's orientation in order to see what language can really be made to do.
حل السؤال الثالث فى الشيت صفحه 3
Write stylistic analysis of dylan
Thomas's poem "this bread I break."
=> The speaker in the poem "This Bread I break" by Dylen Thomas is eating bread and drinking wine. When he think seriously he finds that the bread he is eating now was in form of oat in the past and the wine in the form of grape in a foreign country.But man during the day and wind at night felled the oat and the grape. In the summer the juice of the vines beautiful.
Similarly, oat in the bread was happily dancing in the wind.But man destroyed the nature and natural products by destroying the oat and the grapes.
Now the speaker feels that, like oat and grape, he is also part of nature and therefore he assumes to be the food himself.And he addresses other diner and says that the flesh (bread) he is breaking and the blood (wine) he is dinking were oat and grape sometime in the past. It makes the speaker feel lonely and sad. And the speaker remids the diner that he is drinking the former's wine and eating former's bread.
The poem " This bread I break " is a poem with multiple meanings. On a simple level, the poem is about nature: it is nature's voice reminding human beings that they are consuming and spoling her. But,at a deeper level, it echoes the voice of jesus christ reminding his followers to remember his sacrifice and his path of salvation. We can also interpret the poem as the voice of the poet, the creative artist or the intellectual telling us that we are consuming, enjoying and destroying the product of their toil and struggle. In every way, the poem tells us that we depend on different sources for life: for food, for ideas, for spirituality, for living as aesthetic, intellectual and social beings.The poem is also striking in its style, its music and word game.
حل السؤال الرابع فى الشيت صفحه 4
1-Write briefly on Charles Dicken's use of vocabulary in David Copperfield.
=> Dickens's use of language is copperfield is characterized by the frequent recurrence of a number of words that correspond toe some aspect of his personality.
In the first place, there are three adjectives which are; 'little','own' and 'old' .
"Little" is constantly used by Dickens where another auther might have used "small". But she prefers "little" for its emotional implications not given by "small"
Ti reveals his personal emotional approach to situations. We found it in a series of 14 chapters, when Emily is called "little Emily". This adjective occurs 19+ times.
The adjective "own" comes to reflect the intense self-pity and solitude. In the same group of fourteen chapters as above there are 85 "owns". We have some examples such as; " I have my own opinion..."," my own means..." and" your own boy...". this word is particularly striking in the Murdstone and Grinby episode.
The adjective "old" occurs 97 times.This adjective was used in the emotional sense of "familiar" rather than the primary sense of "not young". We have many examples such as ; "old flower","old little corner"...etc.
Besides his sentimental tendency, his natural intensity is clearly revealed by words like "quite","great","indeed",by the phrase 'agood' or 'a great'-'deal', and by the presence of numerous superlatives and other forms of reinforcement. We have some examples about these, "I was quite tried". Within eight chapters, we find 30 uses of "indeed" most in the character's speech. The word "great" was used to reflect the surprise. "great" occurs 85 times. He used the superlatives and he reinforced it by 'ever', 'never',"I never was so much afraid of any one".
He also fond of the strong expressions, so he used the words "hardly,almost", " I hardly ever...saw both" and was fond of spontaneous modes of expression such as ; " quite heart-broken", "greatly dejected", "most amazing".....etc.
Another thing that is obvious is his using for the verb "said" much in dialogue;"said he" and for the stage directions, " I looked at him...etc.
حل السؤال الخامس فى الشيت صفحه 4
Discuss briefly the "use of imagery in Hamlet.'
=> In hamlet, we find ourselves in an entirely different atmosphere from that of Romeo and Juliet and this is due to the number of images of sickness, disease or blemish of the body.Hamlet speaks of his mother's sin as "a blister on the fair forehead of an innocent love". He speaks of her " sick soul" and as in king Lear the emotion is so strong and the picture is so vivid, that the metaphor overflows into the verbs and adjectives.
He compares eh unneccessary fighting between Norway and poland to a kind tumor which grows out of too much prosperity. He sees the country and the people in it alike in terms of a sick body needing medicine or the surgeon's knife. He describes the action of conscience in the unforgettable picture of the healthy, ruddy countenance turning pale with sickness.
When he hears of the murder of poloninus, he declares that his weakness is not sooner having had hamlet sht up was comparable to eh cowardly action of man with a "foul disease"
To keep it from divulging, let it feed
Even on the pith of life
Finally, he sums up the essence of the position and its urgency with lightening vividness in a short medical phrase;
But to quick o' the back
This image pictures and reflects not only the outward condition which causes hamlet's spiritual illness, but also his own state, Indeed, the shock of the discovery of his father's murder and the sight of his mother's conduct have been such that when the play opens hamlet has already begun to die, to die internally. To Shakespeare's pictorial imagination, therefore, the problem in hamlet is not that of will and reason, of a mind too philosophic or a nature unfitted to act quickly.He sees it as something greater and even more mysterious.That is the tragedy of hamlet as it is perhaps the chief tragic mystery of life.
I hate the moor
مطلوب حل الشيت
واحتمال يكون في امتحان
الادب الامريكى
2-Courage,my boy__we have reached the river.
Let it but roll between us and our pursuers,and we are safe!
[(Goes to window.)] Gracious powers!
the river is chocked with cakes of ice!" comment on the previous extract.
==> Eliza Harris is Mrs.Shellby's maid,George Harris's wife, and Harry's mother.Eliza
is an intelligent,beautiful, and brave young slave. At the beginnin,she seems submissive.
After Mr.shellby makes known his plans to sell Eliza's son to
Mr. Haley, she proves the force of her motherly love as well as her strength of spirit by making a spectacular escape.
Her crossing of the ohio river on patches of ice is the novel's most famous seene.She leaps from one ice floe كتله to
another, cutting her feet, and almost falling into the ice river.
She is helped ashore by a kindly man who takes her and harry to a quaker settlement.
Then she meets her husband and the family reach canada safely
=>George Harris is Eliza's husband and he is curious and talented.
George loves his family deeply amd willingly fights for his freedom.
He runs away after learning that his master refues to lend him any longer to Mr.Wilson, a generous factory owner.
He meets his wife and son.He confronts the slave hunter صياد العبيد Tom Loker and does not hesitate to shoot him when he imperils the family عرض حياه العائله للخطر .
Finally, the family reach canada safely.
ال conditionals
وقالت هتحل
امه ضاعت اولوياتها
المره الجايه
ان شاء الله
ملخص محاضرات الاسبوع الثامن
رابط منسق
الدكتور قال احتمال نعمل تصويت ونعرف انتو عايزين الكترونى ولا عادى
مطلوب اعمال سنه
ترجمه صفحه 17-18-19
صحح الخطأ
She was fond of eating fruits and meat.
The girls were playing whike iam going home.
Ont-elles donneْes les roses aْ less soldats ?
She has never done this the last year.
Rex ragium terram Roma dedent.
Mons ubis Romam erat magna.
The enemy has no arms but we have a lot of it.
The boys were desirous of doing all of this.
Consecutive Clause
The player is so clever that he always wins.
so---adjective----that----sub clause
*French:si----adjective----that----Sub clause
كان اللاعب ماهرا #لدرجه_ان احدا لا يمكنه التغلب عليه.
The boy is so wise that stormed the camp.
puer adeo sapiens est #ut castra expugnaret.
الفرق بين النتيجه والغايه
1-النفى فى جمله النتيجه يستخدم كما هو دون المساس بأداه الربط
2-لا يوجد تتابع ازمنه فى جمله النتيجه
اعراب تقسيم الجمله
1-مجموعه اسميه تشمل الفاعل وتوابعه
2-مجموعه فعليه تبدأ من الفاعل وتنتهى بنهايه الجمله
Parsing Groups
The enemy of the roman republic had won the battle by the wisdom of the general.
The enemy of the roman republic had won
the battle
by the wisdom
the battle by the wisdom of the general
Parsing Groups
1-Rosam pueris nautarum dabo.
2-A quam civibus frumertum que militibus parabunt.
3-Milesne hanc terram sociis dedit ?
hanc terram-->(NG)
مطلوب الاجابه على باقى الاسأله للمحاضره القادمه يوم الاحد
1-Boys,the enemy are killing for money.
2-Go home,girls of the town.
3-He will get his hair cut,and she had got her son taught.
4-The allies of the lebanese army are getting ready to defend the fatherland.
5-Many are staying home,a few are fond of amusing themselves ?
1-نساء فى المدينه`ورجال على المقاهى
2-هل ثمه جند فى هذا المعسكر ؟
3-قاطع طريق وقاتل بلطجى ّ ثلاثى هذه الايام
4-أين ملعب المباراه ؟ هل هناك نيه لتغييره
5-كم مواطنا فى الساحل الشمالى خلال شهور الشتاء ّ وكم مواطنا فى الصيف ؟
The boy N.G
This boy N.G
Good boy N.G
تم الاتفاق قرار نهائى الامتحان الكترونى
أ و ب و ج و د
1-The stressed syllable requires more vibration of vocal cards (صح)
2-Stressed syllable are heared (less) prominent than unstressed (غلط) *More*
3-The word abandom has stressed on the (final) syllable (غلط) *middle*
Red احمر
red-card كارت احمر يعنى طرد لاعب
The compoud red-light means go. (غلط) stop
The compoud red-handed means criminal (صح)
Red-cap is a member of the military police.
تم الاتفاق
70% الكترونى
30% مقالى
تم قراءه
P.107 to P.115
مطلوب قراءه
P.115 to P.121
علم الاساليب
لم يتم الاتفاق بعد
امتحان المحاضره القادمه وحل باقى الشيت
P.93 TO 97
امتحان المحاضره التى تلى القادمه
مطلوب اعمال سنه عليه 2 درجه
اسماء حيوانات جديده وليست شائعه
ممنوع كتابه قطه او كلب
مثلا غزال وهكذا
تجميع الترجمات المطلوبه من اول السنه فى ملف
والامتحان عليه 2 درجه
"ليست وطنية "كامله وعنوان "اللهم إني صائم عن أكل لحوم البشر "بس وترجمت معانا جملة "زرقاء اليمامه"وطلبت تحضير (اول فقرتين ف أطفال الشوارع، من يحترم المرأةكامله، أول فقرتين ف هل تؤيد أن تطلب المرأة الرجل)
وف الجزء الإنجليزي طلبت
182,183 outer beauty
178 freedom
لحد الكوتيشن

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